About Us

I tried my first Bikram Yoga class in September 2003. I was 38 years old and although I looked healthy enough, years of  ‘good’ living and taking my body for granted made my first class unbearable.  I thought I was going to die in that class! I silently cursed my friend for advising me to go there and swore I’d never go back to that torture chamber.
Incredibly, that night I slept like a baby and woke up feeling amazing the next morning….I decided to give it another go. Thank God I did!

6 months later I was sitting in front of Bikram Choudhury as he told me I would be a very good teacher one day. I was baffled as I had no intention of teaching…I just wanted to do Yoga for 9 weeks!
My life changed during that 9 weeks with Bikram….I cried buckets as my body opened up and released painful emotions that I’d been holding onto or that I’d been unaware of. The stretching and sweating cleansed my body and spirit profoundly.

During my 10 years teaching Bikram Yoga I have faced many challenges; opened 4 studios..lost 2 and had to start over twice, went through a divorce, lost my home and financial stability, had legal battles, a hit and run car accident, to name a few but one thing I know is that without Bikram Yoga, I would not have coped. It gave me the strength to overcome my challenges and keep going on with faith in my heart.

Every day I see people change before my eyes, just like I have; people who are facing the challenges I have and I see the Yoga working for them as it has for me.  Sometimes I am lost for words at the incredible power of this Yoga. In our testing times, this Bikram Yoga can keep you sane and more at peace with yourself. I am so grateful for my teacher Bikram and for being able to share this with others.