It is important for your safety that anyone teaching the Bikram Hot Yoga Method be trained properly.

There are, unfortunately, people who claim to be teachers and have not had the proper training. This can result in injury.

All teachers at Bikram Yoga Byron Bay have undergone intensive training in U.S.A with Bikram Choudhury before becoming certified and are re-certified every 3 years.

Jen MacLachlan


Jen MacLachlan, started practising Bikram in 2005, teaching training in 2008 in Acapulco. Straight after training I taught for Darlinghurst Bikram in Sydney for 3 years before opening Bikram Yoga Inner West in 2011. Two daughters who keep Cleave and I very busy, Ishana who is 2, and Samara, just a newbie.

Movement has always been my thing, from a degree in Contemporary Dance from the Uk in 1996, and many styles of yoga over the years. So looking forward to getting more of my own practise back at Bikram Yoga Byron Bay ( so busy with babies! ) and getting to know you all.

Cleave Williams


Cleave Williams, American, does some acting (The Sapphires ha ha) and started practising Bikram in 2008, co-owns and co-manages with Jen at Bikram Yoga Inner West but only recently did his teacher training in Thailand in 2013. Cleave loves to teach and practise, he is dynamic, strong and commanding and a big personality!

Jess Brown


I am so happy to be home in Byron with you … sharing my experience of Yoga ~~~>
It was early 2004, a random but fateful moment of clarity that I searched the yellow pages for a Bikram yoga studio. I experienced my first class in Brookvale Sydney …. Two words: intense and long! Afterward, I felt an empowering sense of achievement, clarity & strength which kept me going back for more and more …. I remember the genuine support, compassion & encouragement I received from the teachers and it was all life changing.
I love to practice Bikram Yoga … it’s almost always challenging and therefore incredibly rewarding. I realise the more I discover, the more there is to discover… layer after layer. I’ll always be an inspired student because no two classes are ever the same.
I went to training years later in September 2010 and I’ve been teaching full-time at several studio’s in Melbourne, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Bali and Sydney. Everywhere I arrive, I am home ☺
Bikram Yoga is an incredible tool that brings all the systems of the body & mind into balance. The mental focus it requires gave me a healthy channel for my energy, which had otherwise lead to unhealthy patterns. It has become my foundation, allowing me to experience life from a higher perspective- I see & think clearer, I make better decisions and it has taught me to rise above the ‘drama’ of life and live more from my heart.
We all strive for the same things… to be happy & healthy. Yoga is universal and has an incredible way of simplifying life and bringing us all to the same space of truth- no matter what our circumstance.
I love my job, I teach from my heart and and I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for the path I’m on… See you in class! ☺